Geolodge invites the hospitality industry to a unique off-the-grid experience, by proposing a one-of-a-kind alternative to classic accommodation for tourism and event planning, for sales or for rent.

We design, make and dispatch our luxury eco-lodges all over the world, in winter and summer. Cosy and modular, they provide end-customers with an all access pass to the wildest and most preserved natural spots in the world, in the best conditions.  



Our lodges have been designed to adapt any terrain from desert sandy soils to mountain steep rocky grounds but also to reduce their impact on the habitat. We partner with innovative companies which offer ground-breaking eco-friendly solutions for customers to enjoy a warm shower and lights at night in the most remote places.


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All equipment we make is designed along with package solutions so that it fits international standards and ensure:

  • simplified logistics operations

  • sustainable packing

  • safe and trackable shipment

  • efficient set-up

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